Sunday, January 24, 2016


Expectations can be a big burden, the word itself feels heavy like baggage... It's just something big and pretty much frightening. But the heaviest cargo are most of the times, the self imposed ones and that makes them particularly more difficult to deal with.

2016!! We made it this far, But what comes next, we don't know. There really is no way for us to know, however we always try to self impose this idea that our futures are ours to write and things will just go as planned and nothing and no one will be on the way. We make plans write them down, otherwise they are nothing but ideas. We smile and look forward for what is next. We just fail to realize there is this think called life in our "way".

While making plans and dreaming, we start to expect thing to go a certain way, we create those damned expectations and that is when things start to get heavy. We accumulate things is our live baggage. Some of them are bought naturally in the life market, we like them we buy them, simple as that. Others we are not quite sure how and why they're in our bag. Then we have those gifts from our family, the ones we always wanted to have and also that big old sweater, grandma thought was a great gift. They are all there, now we just need to sort them out and make something out of them . Let me tell you that is the hardest part...

Growing up you will inadvertently clean that messy bag of yours, well you really have to. It starts to weight a bit too much and taking a big tool on you. You notice some things no longer fit you, just too baggy are too tight , it really was not made for you.

You clean and you clean, take the old bring on the new! A helping hand is always good, from someone with a good and fresh perspective. If you take that hand be sure it's a familiar positive and really worthwhile help.

The good part is that there is a way out of your expectations .... It's when you conquer then. Whether by letting them go our by achieving that gold it is related to ... and if you're lucky enough meaning you work hard enough you will be able to proudly say "our futures are ours to write" ....

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